Our QA experts use the best practices and technologies to ensure the quality of your software development project and its timely and efficient implementation. We provide IT Quality Assurance services to clients around the world to ensure the flawless functioning of your IT ecosystem.

Quality assurance is an essential part of the development process as well as it is critical for maintaining the proper functioning of your IT ecosystem. If you don’t have QA experts in-house, it might be a good idea to hire an IT quality assurance services company to assess and support your software. Outsourcing such technical tasks has become commonplace among modern companies and CDI is a leading quality assurance company you can trust with such a task. We run both manual and automated tests and check every component of your software to eliminate possible issues. Our QA experts will develop a software testing strategy that will work for your business and bring guaranteed results.

  • 1.Functional Testing

  • Black box testing that helps verify whether the code function is compliant with requirements and a web/mobile app works properly and satisfies user needs.

  • Unit Testing

  • White box testing that aims to verify that the implemented unit is producing expected output against given input.

  • 3.Integration Testing.

  • We combine a group of software components to produce output, and then we assess the interaction between software and hardware.

  • 4.Performance Testing

  • Allows us to measure how your web or mobile application meets performance criteria (including speed and reliability), compare several systems to define which perform better and detect general performance failures.

  • 5.Regression Testing

  • Performed to protect your application against further failures and avoid any regressions caused by changes deployed to the functional or non-functional areas of a system, such as patches, enhancement or configuration/environment changes.

  • 6.Security Testing

  • We perform security testing to make sure your software architecture, web or mobile app are well protected against phishing, cyber-fraud, DDoS, malware, adware and other threats that can kill your product.